Week of November 23rd - 26th

With Thanksgiving around the corner, its time to stuff yourself like a Turkey (but with our seafood instead!)

We are giving our thanks to all of our customers by serving up only the best!

~ Chesapeake Bay Dressing Oysters (1 pint containers)

~ Jumbo Blue Pointe Oysters (In the Shell)

~ Jumbo Alaskan Crab Legs: King | Snow

~ Stuffed Mushrooms: Lobster | Crab

~ Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Shrimp: Lobster | Crab | Jalapeno Popper

~ Lobster Tails: Nova Scotia Coldwater | Warm Water Bahama Rock

~ Freshly Steamed Cooked Shrimp: Jumbo Tail-On | XL Cleaned | Peel 'n Eat

~ Smoked Fish: Honey Glazed Norwegian Salmon | Lake Trout | Whitefish

** Shrimp Sale: $3.00 Off 40 oz Bags of Frozen Shrimp: Jumbo | XL | Large **

 We are always thankful for our customers who give us the opportunity to serve the best seafood in the area. Thank you to everyone and have a great holiday!

                                                                                                           HOME OF YOUNG'S BATTER MIX                                                                                                        

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Saturday: 9 am - 5 pm

Sunday: 10 am - 2 pm

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