HOLIDAY SPECIALS ...ARRIVING DAILY:  LARGE SELECTION OF

                                                                                                                     FRESH GULF SHRIMP, VIRGINIA SCALLOPS,

                    Fresh Clam Chowder Today  $ 4.90  16 oz bowl                                 ALASKAN CRABLEGS, BAHAMA ROCK LOBSTER TAILS

                   Fresh Virginia Dry SEA SCALLOPS...$15.99 lb

                    Fresh Lake Erie  YELLOW PERCH...$11.99 lb  

                     Fresh Lake Erie Small WALLEYE FILLETS...$12.99 lb

                     Our very own Fresh Smoked Boneless Norwegian SALMON...$13.99 lb

                     Fresh Lake Superior Pin-Boned out WHITEFISH FILLETS...$8.99 lb

                     Fresh Sushi-Grade YELLOW FIN TUNA...$11.99 lb

                     Fresh Norwegian Salmon Fillets...$9.99 lb

                     Frozen Canadian Bluegill Fillets....$14.99 lb

                     Frozen Chilean MUSSEL MEATS...1 lb bag  $5.99

                                          NOW OPEN:     FISH FRIDAYS  TIL 6 pm       CLOSED EASTER SUNDAY


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                                                                 HOPE TO SEE YOU AT THE MARKET REAL SOON