Weekend of September 25th.... 

          fresh Alaskan HALIBUT Fillets  $19.99 lb

          fresh East Coast boneless LOIN CUT SWORDFISH  $9.99 lb 

          fresh Day Boat dry all natural SEA SCALLOPS  $22.99 lb

          fresh Lake Erie YELLOW PERCH   $19.99 lb

          fresh Lake Erie WALLEYE   $11.99 lb     

    NEW ITEM: Frozen and Cleaned Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab   $8.99 lb

     ~ Our soups are sure to make you FALL in love:    

                                  Turtle Stew  | Fresh Clam Chowder | Fresh Seafood Bisque

Are you a shrimp fan? OR even better... a bacon fan? What if we said we mixed them to make: Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

                           Come try our assortment: Jalapeno Popper | Crab Stuffed | Lobster Stuffed

* Joke of the Week * ...........     Why don't fish like basketball? 

                                                                                                                          ................ They are afraid of nets!!

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