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Specials for week of November 1st    

 Fresh Yellow Fin Tuna  $11.99  lb.

 Fresh Swordfish Steaks $10.99  lb.               

 Fresh Lake Erie YELLOW PERCH FILLETS  $12.99 lb

 Frozen mussel meat, fully cooked    $4.99  lb.

 Fresh Virginia SEA SCALLOPS...dry all natural   $$15.99 lb  10-15 c

                          **  Fresh Today**

                    Homemade turtle soup.......

           Thursday.....Homemade seafood bisque

            Friday..........Homemade clam chowder


     NEW ITEM       40 oz. bag Frozen Florida Pink SHRIMP

                                  ...fully cleaned and deveined

                                          $34.90     75-80 count


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